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January 1, 2021by Fundtico Team0

Hedge Fund Marketing Ideas

Raising Hedge Fund capital through traditional means have given way to some of the most successful funds of our time. Due to recent conditions, there is a major trending shift towards digital, remote and distance means of hedge fund marketing. 

Managers are facing increasing pressure from government regulations, transparency, returns, asset raising and fees associated with the fund itself. There is a tremendous opportunity to find, develop and grow new assets through the means of organized data and technology. 

If you are a growing fund (Under $100 million AUM), the duties of your hedge fund marketing, sales and growth can sometimes fall on to the manager, CIO, CFO, or COO.  This doesn’t take away from the fact that asset raising and pipeline cultivation is not important.

This does require that these individuals take away from the returns and fulfillment of the fund strategy.

We put together some ideas on investing and deploying digital investment can help maintain growth without compromising the time and resources of the fund managers.

Digital Expansion

Eventually, we can only hope that face to face business will pick back up over time. However, it is clear that digital efforts, platforms and hedge fund marketing is more important than ever and is here to stay for the long term.

It is those companies that successfully harness digital marketing innovation that will stand out and thrive. 

There is something that is equally important when establishing rapport with new prospects and potential investors besides strategy, performance and risk metrics.

Personality and Connectivity

We have seen this heavily throughout Financial Services. Content and marketing pieces might as well be written by the attorneys or political bodies that govern the hedge fund marketing language.

While sometimes it can make for interesting reads, it typically provides a glazed over look and goes through one ear and out the other.

We propose firms and their personnel look to expand on creating connections through their personalities, backgrounds, hobbies and other items that help build investor interest.

Example: Don’t be afraid to put up a personal video of what you enjoy doing outside of the work environment. Let investors know the side to you that truly separates yourself from the other Hedge Funds out there.

Expand Into New Markets

There is an incredible opportunity to grow today. While not necessarily new in the traditional sense, there has been an ever-growing demand in the Registered Independent Advisor (RIA) space. Larger “Wirehouses” are losing large teams each and every year to Independent Firms and this is where you will find your growth.

Hedge Fund Marketing Ideas
Hedge Fund Marketing Ideas for attracting Independent Wealth Advisors

While larger teams that make this move may sometimes have established relationships with existing hedge funds and firms, there is still a growing appetite for their clients to find new investment vehicles for returns.

Traditionally, the path to a successfully growing hedge funds goes through the larger banks for capital introduction.

Digital marketing, content creation and relationship building with Independent Advisors has been a longer term process that required time and resources growing hedge funds typically don’t have to spare.

Fundtico takes that out of the equation by already providing the platform needed for you to access that market.

Automate Your Hedge Fund Targeting Efforts

Lead generation and investor qualification can be a largely time consuming and resource driven activity. Investors, Wealth Advisors & Family Offices are all unique, individualistic and require different approaches in order to successfully market your hedge fund to them.

This takes a dedicated individual to be able to track the prospects and clients appropriately so you can proactively be marketing to them.

We automate this process against the Wealth Advisors and Family Offices that leverage our platform to invest in Hedge Funds & Private Equity.

Independent Advisors are Leaving Larger Firms
Independent Advisors are Leaving Larger Firms

Hedge Fund Marketing Automation Example

Your actively growing Hedge fund consists of the following:

AUM: $50m

Strategy: Long/Short Growth

Minumum Investment: $100,000

Our Machine Learning software helps identify the Wealth Advisors & Family Offices that have identified a client and prospect base that matches with your Hedge Funds strategy.

A notification/alert goes to those particular investors as as suggested strategy based on the data points we have identified and gathered in our system.

Funds that have leveraged this platform and process seen anywhere from a 3-8% asset growth when properly leveraging the platform.

Empower Sales & Marketing Team

You may be wearing multiple hats and filling multiple roles in the growth stages of your hedge fund. We know the process of fulfilling expectations, informing clients and growing assets under management is a 24/7 position not to be taken lightly.

According to recent research done by HedgeNordic, Not one manager with greater than a billion dollars AUM nor any manager running between $100m and $500m AUM outsourced their marketing function.

We agree with this strategy and sentiment. As the old saying goes, when you want something done right you do it yourself.

Of course this is inefficient in today’s age and we need to identify the right personnel and technology to ensure a successful structure of the hedge fund.

The Fundtico Platform is not meant to replace you or your sales team, but to greatly enhance the results and traction of building a pipeline.

Hedge Fund Marketing Technology Investment Results

  • Asset managers spent an estimated $2.6 billion on distribution-related technology in 2019.


  • Above- average investments in distribution technology tended to pay off for asset management firms with organic growth exceeding 2% per year, while net flows plummeted among weaker spenders


  • Of those who excelled among their peers, nearly two-thirds of these distribution leaders labelled technology or new talent as a key priority for the next three to five years 

Make The Investment

The technology and financial professionals of Fundtico has invested the experience and knowledge of the Wealth Advisors, Family Offices and Hedge Funds we serve.

If your hedge fund is ready to expand into these markets, register your fund and we can get the process started.


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